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Volume: 10 ml

Price: 254,000.00 UZS

Rejuvenating serum activator based on an innovative formula with a suspension of colloidal gold epidermal growth factor EGF and a peptide complex and hyaluronic acid. Restores the cell life cycle, evens out Ph of the skin, actively moisturizes. Active skin regeneration.

Serum GOLD EGF SERUM has a rejuvenating and regenerating, anti-toxic effect on the skin in three important vectors:
• Restoration of the life cycle of skin cells
EGF, along with a complex of peptides, regulate processes like "internal aging", along with "external". By improving the cycle of epidermal growth factor in the skin, they activate biochemical processes aimed at restoring and regenerating the skin, increasing the volume of synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers, and improving the elasticity and density of the skin.

• Aligning the electrolyte balance of the skin
The action of colloidal gold in serum is aimed at regulating the Ph of the skin. Effectively removes positively charged ions, waste products, toxins and heavy metals from the skin. Promotes the establishment of electrolyte balance and strengthening the protective properties of the skin. Accelerates blood microcirculation, improves skin tone. In addition, gold ions act as a conductor of other beneficial components and vitamins that make up the serum into the deep layers of the skin and promote their better absorption by skin cells.

• Active moisturizing
Hyaluronic acid, an irreplaceable and best moisturizer in the skin, is 100% compatible with the skin. Thanks to the simultaneous action of gold and hyaluronic acid, the skin's immunity and resistance increase, its internal protective processes are restored and strengthened.

Ingredients: water, glycerin, propanediol, 1,2-butanediol, Nanometer AU gold foil 99.99%, cornelian cherry extract, Crocus sativus extract, Nympaea coerulea flower, G-hydroxyethyl cellulose, cocodimonium chloride, allantoin, oligopeptide-1-hexapeptide 1, hexapeptide-1. , Oligopeptide-2, sodium hyluronate, ethylhexanediol, phenoxyethanol.

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