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Gardenia Absolute

Gardenia Absolute
Volume: 5 ml

Price: 1,118,000.00 UZS

100% natural essential oil

Gardenia Absolute (India)

Properties: Possesses anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic action. Film It is considered an aphrodisiac.

It is known that the most powerful antibiotics are not synthetic, but plant ones.
Gardenia Essential Oil is used mainly in the most economical ways, because this oil is one of the most expensive and rare.
They are applied, in view of the absence of contraindications, directly on the skin or inhaled directly from the bottle.

Essential Oil of Gardenia:

✅ 1. Creates a powerful barrier for the penetration of the virus and kill the virus at the entrance.

✅ 2. Strengthens the immune system. After all, it is a weakened immune system that increases the risk of infection.

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