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ZAN FACTOR AMBER Serum Anti-acne

ZAN FACTOR AMBER Serum Anti-acne
Volume: 10 ml

Price: 180,000.00 UZS

⭐️Amber Serum Anti-acne serum with Azalea, chamomile extracts for oily, porous and acne-prone skin.

☘️ Has a natural antibacterial effect, eliminates inflammation, reduces the secretion of sebaceous glands, narrows pores, evens out skin tone.
🌸Azalea (rhododendron) extract inhibits pathogenic microbes, is effective against staphylococci, streptococci, antimicrobial, regenerating effect.
🍃Aloe Vera extract - antibacterial effect, improves skin microflora in case of acne, soothes, relieves inflammation and irritation.
🍊 Grapefruit extract - antifungal component, disinfects, inhibits acne and seborrhea.
⚡️Zan Factor Mesoactive Serums (Serum) are highly concentrated products for professional and home use.
⭐️The high concentration of bioactive substances is based on innovative formulas with plant phytocomplexes, peptides, growth factors and hyaluronic acid. Shows an immediate, quick effect.
💧 The gel-emulsion texture of the serums quickly penetrates into the deep layers of the skin, exhibits a biostimulating effect on the processes of skin restoration and renewal.
☝🏻The use of the Skin Pen or mesoscooter techniques is an alternative to classical mesotherapy, and is not inferior to it in terms of effectiveness, especially when combined with a LED mask.

Serums are also used to quickly restore skin in the post-peeling period, after hardware and aesthetically corrective injection procedures, significantly improving the condition of any skin type.

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