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ZAN FACTOR SPICULE COMPLEX (Natural peeling microneedling
Two-Phase complex)

ZAN FACTOR SPICULE COMPLEX (Natural peeling microneedling
Two-Phase complex)
Volume: 5 ml

Price: 180,000.00 UZS

Benefits of peeling:

• Natural component - does not cause allergies;
• All-season;
• Superficial peeling, with a result comparable to the median;
• Multifunctional;
• Fast rehabilitation;
• Discomfort from tingling lasts for some time (up to 24 hours);
• Does not cause chemical or thermal burns;
• Depending on the exposure (time exposure on the skin), it can be offered as "banquet peeling",
"botox peeling" or "weekend" peeling with different levels of peeling and duration of the result.


• Dry, atonic skin;
• Post-acne scars;
• Lack of elasticity, firmness;
• Enlarged pores;
• Couperose;
• Uneven skin tone;
• Pigmented spots;
• Skin of a smoker;
• Dull, tired skin.


Phase 1 - Spicula powder and unique algae - 3 active marine ingredients for the beauty of your skin:
Extract Spikula, Durvilia Antarctica, Corallina.

Phase 2 - Activator: Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid 700 kDa, glucan.

Volume Spicule powder: 3 ml

Volume Peeling Activator: 5 ml

Price for beauticians : 17 cu

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